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A bulging disc is a condition in which the nucleus (inner portion) of a spinal disc remains contained within the annulus fibrosus (outer portion), unlike a herniated disc in which the nucleus leaks out of the disc. This protrusion or bulge can put pressure on the surrounding nerve roots which can lead to pain that radiates down the back and/or other areas of the body depending on the location of the bulging disc.



A bulging disc that presses against a nerve root in the spinal canal can cause a series of bulging disc symptoms. The most common of these symptoms is bulging disc pain, but many other symptoms can develop in conjunction with or in place of standard pain in the neck or back.

When a bulging disc compresses a nerve, the pain can be debilitating, often limiting you from enjoying your hobbies and sometimes even preventing you from enjoying your daily activities.

Other common symptoms you may experience from a bulging disc include numbness, a burning or tingling sensation, muscle weakness, and limited mobility.

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Depending upon the underlying causes behind your condition and the extent of your symptoms, conservative treatment may be sufficient to regulate your bulging disc. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, professional massage, ice packs, heating pads, physical therapy and lifestyle changes can often reduce or completely eliminate disc-related pains.

However, discs in sensitive locations or that appear on the brink of a herniation may necessitate minimally invasive surgery. These procedures use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to remove and correct spinal difficulties.

Unlike traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery usually only requires minor recovery time and reduces the likelihood of scarring, trauma and blood loss.

If you suspect you have a bulging disc, take our short Treatment Assessment Tool to tell us a little about what, if anything, you've tried to treat your pain. One of our qualified team members will be in touch within one business day to discuss possible treatment options.


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