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Lumbar radiculopathy (commonly known as sciatica) refers to pain that radiates from the sciatic nerve down the back of the legs and into the extremities. This pain is usually caused by a herniated disc or bone spur applying pressure to the spinal nerves, and usually only affects one side of the body.



Lumbar radiculopathy can affect the back, buttocks, hip and leg areas. With lumbar radiculopathy, you experience pain that can range anywhere from acute (very mild) to chronic (severe). Pain symptoms can include numbness or a “pins and needles” feeling in the leg and foot, a sharp or burning pain that travels down the leg, muscle weakness and lower back pain. Many patients report experiencing radiculopathy after an injury or even while sitting for long periods of time.

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Recommended treatment options for lumbar radiculopathy, or sciatica, depends on the severity of your specific condition. In many cases, symptoms will go away on their own by resting or using other conservative treatment options such as hot or cold compresses, steroid injections, low-impact exercise and anti-inflammatory medication. If the condition is being caused by an underlying spinal condition such as bone spurs or herniated disc, and the condition has become severe, surgical treatment may be necessary to relieve pressure on the nerves.

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