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Enjoy Spring Without Back Pain

April showers bring May flowers – and back pain? This familiar rhyme about the seasonal weather associated with revitalized spring greenery can take on a negative connotation for those suffering from chronic back pain. While damp weather and drops in barometric pressure can irritate existing inflammation, the aches of back and neck pain should not restrain…

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How Good Nutrition Can Help With Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you’ve probably tried every piece of advice you’ve read when it comes to finding relief. However, what many people forget to take into consideration is how greatly diet and nutrition affect all aspects of the body – including the health of your spine.

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How Exercise Can Help With Back Pain

For those suffering from back pain, there’s a common misconception that exercise should be avoided to not aggravate or worsen their pain or condition. Unfortunately, this misinformation often causes patients to overlook the true importance of exercise when it comes to healing and long-term back pain relief.

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Smoking and Spine Health: What You Need to Know

Many people begin to smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes despite the very well known health risks, such as nicotine addiction, increased risk of lung cancer (and other cancers), heart disease, and decreased life expectancy. What many people often overlook is the other negative effects that are less widely discussed – including the impact nicotine and tobacco…

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