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Enjoy Spring Without Back Pain

Enjoy Spring Without Back Pain

April showers bring May flowers – and back pain?

This familiar rhyme about the seasonal weather associated with revitalized spring greenery can take on a negative connotation for those suffering from chronic back pain. While damp weather and drops in barometric pressure can irritate existing inflammation, the aches of back and neck pain should not restrain anyone from enjoying time in their spring garden.

Here are 3 tips for avoiding injury and irritants this spring that will let you focus on your green thumb instead.

  • Proper footwear 
    Rain boots aren’t just for kids. When rain is in the forecast, plan ahead with footwear to face possibly slick walking conditions to avoid slips and falls that may cause back pain. Even catching yourself before a full-on fall can trigger pain that can be prevented with non-slip shoes. On days with clearer skies where you find yourself in the garden or yard, be sure to wear footwear with the right support for treading in the uneven terrain of fresh soil.
  • Take Your Time & Move Carefully
    Physical tasks in the rain, even simple ones like opening doors or carrying items, can become tricky when the weather is stormy. While instinct may make you rush to get out of the weather, quick movements can throw you off balance or catch you in pinched positions. Taking extra seconds to get better footing can keep you upright. Similarly, when spring weather makes outdoor time appealing, be sure to continue to be aware of unsteady movements in the garden especially when lifting planters, pots, and bags of soil. If you do experience pain from a hurried movement or fall, seek medical attention.  


  • Warm Up for Warm Weather Activities
    Just because you’ve said farewell to winter doesn’t mean your muscles and joints are ready to jump into spring. Activities like gardening, landscaping, and even basic yard work can be quite a workout. Your back, and body overall, greatly benefit from warming up with stretches and gentle exercises. As mentioned above, it’s important to take your time and listen to your body while you warm up and while you enjoy the spring season.

Check the Forecast & Be Prepared

Planning ahead for rain or shine is a key to preventing painful accidents and mishaps that spring weather often beckons in. Being prepared helps you avoid back aches and pains that April showers can bring and instead lets you focus on cultivating those May flowers.

How Champey Pain & Spine Can Help

At Champey Pain & Spine Group, we make it our top priority to help our patients live a pain-free life. If you have questions about back pain relief and would like to speak to one of our spine specialists, please contact us today by clicking the button below.


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